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Interesting Facts Food Group

From all the different food groups nutritious food choices there are many benefits to your body system that can help you live a healthy, happy, more energetic lifestyle!

Grain Group
Bread, oatmeal, bagels, tortillas, muffins, cereal, brown and white rice, popcorn and pasta
Why you should eat these foods:

• carbohydrates, which gives our bodies can play!
• iron, which is conducive to our blood pumping through our body!
• B vitamins, which is the energy we need, growth, our brain and heart!
• thiamine (vitamin B1), which strengthens the nervous system, helps our brain and muscle function!

You eat cereal, half should be whole grains! 🙂
Vegetable Group
Corn, carrots, cauliflower, potatoes, avocado, cucumber, green beans, peas, lettuce, spinach, celery, asparagus
Why you should eat these foods:
• Vitamin C can help us absorb iron, it is important to healthy teeth, bones and gums! Also helps reduce infection!
• Vitamin A makes our skin and hair health, as well as growth and vision to help!
• Vitamin B6 can help us grow and improve our brain function, so we can think and concentrate more!
• Fiber helps move food through our digestive system, it is beneficial to our hearts, and may help prevent heart disease and cancer!

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