Nutrition Information Panel

You are in the dairy aisle staring at a few shelves of yogurt. Many people claim to be “low fat” and “natural”, and has been on television advertising “healthy.” You have to choose the best yogurt, but do not know where to start. This is the dilemma many people find themselves, unfortunately, also when all the good intentions may be lost if you do not know how to explain on the product packaging.

In the back of the pack nutrition information panel (NIP) is the beginning, because it contains the actual “facts” the best place. There are many national implementation of a number without a guide it can be difficult to know where to start, so I created a simple tool to help you decode food labels and choose a better yogurt! (Or other products may) …

1. 100 grams per serving and per column:
– Using the service checks each column – targeting energy foods include less than 600kJ per term snacks. You can also use this column to see the fiber content of the product, and compare similar products.
– Use a column comparing fat, sugar and sodium content per 100 grams of similar products.

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